Alpha Launch

24 April 2018 19:30

Do you ever ask those big questions: Why am I here?; What is the purpose of life?; Where am I heading?; What has Christianity got to offer? Why not come along and join us for Alpha after Easter?

Alpha offers a wonderful opportunity, following a shared meal, for you to ask them (however awkward or daft you think they might be) in a relaxed, informal setting that makes no demands on the individual.

At our launch on 24 April, we have a special guest, Warren Furman – “Ace” of the 1990s tv show, Gladiators, which should be a lot of fun. We’d love to see you there.

It would also be a great evening to bring a friend along: why don’t you simply pray and ask God to prompt you with a name or a face, and then ask him for the courage to invite them along & let God do the rest! For more info, pick up a flyer or e-mail Judith Marshall (alpha@stmaryscnorton.com)

Alpha Launch