Biblical Justice - NCPG event

22 October 2020 19:30

Biblical Justice – A North Cotswolds Gospel Coalition event

On 22nd October 2020 at 7.30pm, Helkias Mapimhidze, minister in the Gloucester Diocese, will be hosting a discussion on how to think Biblically about justice. The recent BLM riots have brought the issues of justice to the fore, and unfortunately, many Christians have struggled to understand what true justice looks like.

The good news is that the Bible has much to say about justice and Helkias will argue that without the Bible, it is impossible to attain true justice. True justice helps society flourish and most importantly, it has important implications on how we should understand the gospel of God’s grace.

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If you plan to join by Zoom, please send your interest to Helkias via email on curate@evenlodevalechurches.org.

Or watch on YouTube by clicking this link

Biblical Justice - NCPG event