CAP Lifeskills

14 June 2021 12:00

I am very excited to announce that our next CAP Life Skills course is starting on Monday 17th May and will run until the end of term 12pm-2.30pm on Mondays.

Life Skills is a fun and friendly group where you can make friends, enjoy yourself, and learn practical ways to save money, deal with life’s pressures, improve your relationships and grow in confidence. Life skills members also get the opportunity for 1:1 coaching to help set goals and smash them!

One group member says “Life skills has helped me to see the potential in my own abilities as an adult and a parent. Being able to manage budgeting, keeping the family healthy, and practicing self care has been so beneficial and I’m so glad I went to sessions. Very welcoming people who are now life-long friends of mine. Especially during this crisis, using the skills I’ve learnt from the course has been vital in managing our household!”

If you would like to come along, or know someone else that might be interested, do get in touch with me. Hannah.charles@stmaryscnorton.com or call or text 07579813765.

CAP Lifeskills