Our God-given purpose (our mission) at St Mary's is – 

to SHARE the life-changing LOVE of Jesus, SERVING our whole community.

We aspire to provide a place that gives welcome, comfort, nurture and inspiration to anyone wishing to come and worship God, or to explore their faith with us.

We're passionate about helping members of our community in times of crisis, bringing hope to people through local projects like our CAP Debt Centre and schools work. We also want to show God’s love to those further away, through giving to Mission Partners.

As a local church, the only funding we receive is through donations from our members and supporters. We're constantly grateful and humbled by the generosity we encounter, which enables us to continue to bring love, hope and wholeness to people’s lives.

If you'd like to be part of this, by making a one-off or regular donation to St. Mary’s Church then please follow the instructions below.

Direct Debit:

If you'd like to set up a regular gift then please download a form and information sheet. Alternatively you can email Emily O'Shea at: finance@stmaryscnorton.com, with your postal address, who will send you a Gift Form, or pick one up from church. We're signed up to the Parish Giving Scheme. Donors set up a Direct Debit with the Parish Giving Scheme, specifying the church they wish to give to - and the whole amount as well as any Gift Aid is passed on to St. Mary's Church.

Envelope Giving:

If you would like a set of numbered envelopes to make regular gifts at our church services please contact Emily O'Shea at finance@stmaryscnorton or 01608 645668.

One-off Gift:

If you'd like to make a one-off donation to St Mary's church, then simply click here.



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