Journey of Faith

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Before it can be a blessing to our whole community at a time of particular need, the vision that God has given us for ‘Building to Serve’, encompassing both the former NatWest (“The Branch”) and the church itself, presents us with a huge challenge as a church family. Our hope is that the challenge will become an inspiring and rewarding Journey of Faith for each and every one of us, and that nobody will be able to look back at it without appreciating how God has grown us and shaped us through it. As we build towards two Sundays of prayer and commitment shortly after Easter, we will therefore be looking at another inspiring Journey of Faith - the journey on which God took Joseph before he could be a blessing both to his family and to an entire country during a time of need.

8th March -     …where is God when we are betrayed? (Genesis 39)

1st March -      …when God gives us dreams (Genesis 37)

15th March -   …forgotten? (Genesis 40 & 41)

29th March -   …tests (Genesis 42-44)

5th April -       …reconciliation (Genesis 45:1-5)

19th April -     …God’s sovereignty (Genesis 45:16-47:27)

26th April -     …blessings (Genesis 47:28-49:28)

3rd May -        …true forgiveness and God’s good purposes (Genesis 50:15-21)

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