Small Groups

We want everyone who comes to St Mary's to feel as though they belong as they grow in their relationships with God and with one another.

Welcome, Worship, Relationship, Growth and Witness are all among our core values at St Mary's, and our Small Groups are a central way in which those things happen within the life of the church.

Several groups meet each week - mainly in people's homes, offering a warm, friendly and safe environment for us to support and encourage one another, to look at the Bible together and to explore the Sunday teaching further. 

To find out more, or if you'd like to join a Small Group, please e-mail or call the church office on 01608 646202.

Download Small Group study notes here:

Small Group Questions Mark 6

Small Group material - Mark 4

Small Group material - Joseph 2

Small Group - Planning, Jan - April 2020

Small Group material - Joseph 1

Small Group material - James 3

Small Group Material - James 1

Small Group Material - Creation Care 4

Small Group Material - Creation Care 3

Small Group Material - Creation Care 2

Small Group Material - Creation Care 1

Small Group Material - 2019 Advent 2

Small Group Material - 2019 Advent 1

Small Group Material - Nehemiah 7

Small Group Material - Nehemiah 6

Small Group Material - Nehemiah 5

Small Group Material - Nehemiah 4

Small Group Material - Nehemiah 3

Small Group Material - Nehemiah 1 & 2‚Äč

Small Group - Planning, Sept - Dec 2019

Small Group - Material, Jesus Gives 4

Small Group - Material, Jesus Gives 2

Small Group - Material, Jesus gives 1

Small Group - Material, Ruth 4

Small Group - Material, Ruth 3

Small Group - Material, Ruth 2

Small Group 7th June 2019

Small Group - Material, Ruth 1

Small Group - Planning, April - July 2019

Small Group - Material, Hospitality 4

Small Group - Material, Hospitality 3

Small Group - Material, Hospitality 2

Small Group - Material: Hospitality 1

Lent Sermons 2019 3  Our Repentance Leaflet 

Small Group - Material, Lent 3 2019, Our Repentance Leaders notes

Lent Sermons 2019 2 Our Resolve Leaflet

Lent Sermons 2019 2 Our Resolve Leaders notes

Lent Sermons 2019 1 Our Trials

Lent Sermons 2019 1 Our Trials Leaflet

Small Group - Material, Fruitfulness, Messenger of the Gospel

Small Groups - Material, Fruitfulness, Moulding Culture

Small Group - Material, Fruitfulness, Mouthpiece for Truth and Justice

Small Groups - Material, Fruitfulness, Ministering Grace and Truth

Small Group - Material, Fruitfulness, Making Good Work

Small Group - Material, Fruitfulness, Modelling Godly Character

Small Group - Material, Fruitfulness, The Big Picture


2017-2018 Notes

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